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Some of The Top 4 Harare Guesthouses You Might Enjoy

Traveling the world, visiting other peoples, cultures and cuisines is becoming one of the great pastimes that many people enjoy. There are a lot of different ways to go about it, they can be mixed and matched, but there are hotels, bed and breakfasts, guesthouse stays, and backpackers hostels. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, plus it depends on your travel situation as well. If you’re traveling with a wife and kids, the hostel isn’t going to save you much money as each person is charged. Some guest house stays will charge for the room, then a small extra fee per-person, but you’ll always need to read their terms beforehand. Plus, if learning the culture and language of a new place is your goal, the guesthouse is the best because you can practice on the family you stay with. Chatting with other travelers in your own native tongue gets you around nicely, but you’re not expanding your language abilities at all.

Guesthouses Come In Luxury, Moderate, and Economy


The experience of staying in a guesthouse can be very rewarding, enlightening, and reasonably priced compared to a hotel. You’re not likely to get an attached bar, pool, exercise room, or other such amenity. On the other hand, you may be able to help a 12 year old build his model airplane, or watch his grandpa make homemade wine.

Most guesthouse stays include a certain number of home cooked meals where you actually sit down with the family and eat. You get to learn some of their customs while you enjoy a meal that can’t be purchased at a local restaurant. You may even get a chance to help cook in the kitchen, just ask, and you’ll be welcomed.

Some guesthouses will only have one or two rooms they rent at any given time. They may need the money, enjoy the company, or just like entertaining foreigners. Other guest houses will be trying to earn as much money as possible, cramming as many guests as they can into small rooms. You have to check online and read the reviews left by their previous customers to know the facts. Here is an example of the top 4 guesthouses in Harare, Zimbabwe now.

Daisy’s Guest House Is One Of The Least Expensive


Located about 5 miles from the Harare, Zimbabwe city center it has some great online photos showing modern construction, clean rooms, well trimmed shrubs and fresh paint. They have private bathrooms, TV sets, satellite TV services, and a community style barbecue in the courtyard.

There is an outdoor pool on sight, a nice garden and free WiFi available for guests. This is run as a business, since there are 17 rooms available, it’s not the ‘family’ experience that some travelers would be expecting with a guesthouse stay. It’s near shopping, and has easy access to golf, a museum, and St. Johns College. Prices appear affordable as well.

Sunbird Guesthouse Gets Rave Reviews


Although a little more expensive than Daisy’s, the Sunbird gets far better reviews when it comes to the service and amenities. There is a breakfast, WiFi, and parking all included for free. Private baths, laundry facilities, daily housekeeping, and an outdoor pool are also included.

They have locking luggage storage, an office safe, smoke-free rooms, multilingual employees, a garden and even a small library for guests to enjoy. The online photos look extraordinary, with clean fresh rooms and public areas that look brand new.

The Coghlan Villa Guest House Gets Great Reviews Too


Judging by the reviews this is the best guest house in Harare, Zimbabwe, especially considering the price. It has a gorgeous pool, free WiFi, DSTV installed, parking, fitness center, laundry, and meeting rooms available.

The reviews are mostly glowing online, with many happy customers. The service was considered to be outstanding by lots of guests.

The Cresta Lodge is Also Highly Rated


Although not technically a guesthouse, it is very inexpensively priced for such a beautiful place. There is a pool, airport shuttle, fitness center, air conditioning, and garden. All rooms have a private bath with daily housekeeping and laundry facilities.

This is a very inexpensive place according to the online prices, you should call ahead to get the latest information. It is definitely one of the top 4 Harare guesthouses.

If you’re thinking of traveling to Harare, Zimbabwe anytime soon you can’t hardly go wrong by staying at a guesthouse. They’re clean and comfortable, have far fewer guests to deal with, and give a more at home atmosphere in general.